Domaine Dalamara

Kostis Dalamaras is a fifth – generation winemaker and one of the most talented new winemakers of the country. Having studied in Burgundy, he became involved in Dalamara winery in 2007 placing fast the business which started in 1840 in a new league. He is positively supported by his wife Maria paving new paths for the region. A true believer of organics and biodynamics he supports the notion that everything starts in the vineyard where he spends most of his time.

Cellar operations are as natural as possible focusing on terroir expression and avoiding heavy oaking of the wines. His signature label is the single vineyard Paliokalias which has risen to a Grand Cru status with the stunning 2015 vintage yet his classic Naoussa is a bargain proving his motto of ‘’hard work at the highest level’’.


Domaine Dalamara WINES

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