Diamantis Winery

Diamantis winery is located in the well-hidden picturesque small city of Siatista in Macedonia. His vineyards are situated in the rubble limestone soils in south east facing slopes at an altitude that exceeds 900m. Siatista in one of the coldest terroirs of the country. The winery has hugely invested in a deeper understanding of the local varieties Moschomavro, Nigrikiotiko but also the local clone of Xinomavro by thorough clonal selection and research. Grapes are mainly sourced from privately owned vineyards but also from some contracted growers that all share the same vision with Dimitris Diamantis; to express the uniqueness of the Siatista terroir.

The winery focuses only on those three varieties and vinify them separately in different styles, from the famous sweet wine of the region from air-dried grapes to the red dry wines from Xinomavro and Moschomavro. Xinomavro is undoubtedly Diamantis most complete wine expressive of elegance and power. Such a rare combination worth discovering!

Diamantis Winery WINES

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